Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Pst Kong Hee - Antinomianism - The Seduction Of Lawlessness (January - March 2005)

Antinomianism - The Seduction Of Lawlessness

Pst Kong asked so how liberated are we? We must first know what is Antinomianism and what is Lawlessness

Lawlessness (anomiaNT: 458) literally means iniquity, complete contempt and disregard for law, refusing and despising all law. Anomia is "living without law," which in culture leads to anarchy, and in Christianity to heresy, immorality and the complete casting aside of all restraints....

In essence, antinomianism is the flawed and ultimately fatal belief that once a Christian is under the grace of God, he or she can freely partake in sin because the law of God (specifically the Ten Commandments) no longer applies in his or her life....

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